Improve Your website ranking in google with basic steps.

Google was smart and has become smarter with new indexing, crawling, and algorithm policies announced recently. It has prescribed a certain set of rules, which can be followed to improve the ranks of your website. On the other hand, there can be several illegitimate techniques to improve ranking, but search engines may detect the same and blacklist your website.

Apart from good website design, to rank your site on a scale of 0-100, search engines crawl and index the same on the basis of different factors at different proportions:

TRUST – 23.87%

Search engines rank your website on the basis of Domain Authority Score, which is positively affected by the passage of time, trustworthy, unique/ original content, and the absence of spam.

BACKLINKS – 22.33%

Backlinks are the links through which other websites point to your one. Such links in any blog or forum of trustworthy sites are given significance by Google for improved site ranking.  However, 60 links or more on one page may be considered spam and may affect adversely.

KEYWORDS – 15.04%

Google uses Keywords to compare words/ phrases present in your website as headings, highlighted text, bold text, page titles,s and metadata, etc.


Google looks for registration of the domain name of your website in the correct category. Also hosting your website plays a significant role as Google prefers websites with load fast.


The click-through rate is considered good if more visitors to your website through any specified Keyword stay on the same for a few minutes or more.


Google love to see posts and links of your website on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Based on the significance of the above and policies/ procedure adopted by Search Engine, SEO Services Company around the world including that in Delhi-NCR uses the following tools for improved ranking of your website:

Frequently updated unique content:
Google loves to see new and unique content each time its crawler visits your website. If the same is found, it visits your site again and again frequently to index the new content, which helps improved ranking.

Avoid Duplicates:
Google hates duplicate content and replica. It prefers a lot of content on your website, which should be authentic, innovative, and enlightening. The more unique content you have on your website, the more it would be preferred.

Quick loading – key to improved ranking:
Like any common user, Google also wants to see fast loading website. There can be chances that spiders and bots of search engines may not crawl websites that take too much time to load.

A sitemap is becoming significant for SEO services companies helping to improve site ranking as it makes it easy for crawlers to find the requisite content on various pages.

Use of Google Webmaster Tools:
By using Google Webmaster Tools, you can suggest how frequently you want your website to be crawled. But, the same may be left to Google, which automatically optimizes and decides the frequency of crawling as per the nature and type of the different websites.

Error Free Servers:
Servers need to be checked frequently for errors as quality assurance has become most significant for Google and other search engines. If your website returns repeated errors, there can be a strong possibility that Google will not crawl it.

Google can be inclined to give your website an improved ranking with references for it through backlinks. For getting the same you can write articles on high page rank websites.

Social Media:
By being active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. including Instagram, you can get good traffic for your website and resultant improved ranking.

Through above said tools, SEO Service provider agencies help to have improved website ranking for being more visible in search results, which ultimately helps your business.

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